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Now a medical facility that offers Colon Hydrotherapy

We are pleased you made the decision to visit our web site and we hope you find it both educational and interesting. Our goal here is to educate you about colon hydrotherapy and to answer as many questions as we possibly can in order to diffuse any apprehension and dispel any myths you may have about the process. 

Touch-less Colonics
One of our priorities is to make patients feel as comfortable as possible; therefore, is important to mention that the colonics offered in our clinics are Touch-less, meaning that no patient is exposed to be seen or touched by our staff while undress.

Male and Female Attendants
If you would like to book a consultation, just visit our facility and be walked through the process, or if you are ready to schedule a colonic or massage session, nothing would make us happier than for you to call us at Phone (214) 219-4000. If you prefer to be attended by a female please let know in advance to the person on the phone setting up your appointment, and we will do our best based on availability of staff.