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What is a parasite?

A parasite is an organism which lives off and generally within a host body, such as our own body or other living organisms, like plants and animals. They live off the ‘life’ of another body, feeding off the nutrients, cells and organs of the host, reproducing by depositing thousands of eggs or simply replicating by cell division with the host’s tissues and cells. Parasites are often mobile ‘grazing’ in one area of the body after another, eating the host’s cells directly or draining the best of the nutrients directly from the host’s tissues themselves, all while secreting  its fecal wastes throughout the host’s body, leaving their poisonous toxic sludge (like ammonia) behind, further taxing the host’s system’s abilities even more gravely. Parasites are not friendly, well mannered guests. They are intrusive, aggressive, and self-serving organisms which are well equipped to survive in many different host media.



These videos are here for your education. They are very informative however, please note that some images on these videos are very graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.


Colonic Worm


Trichuris dysentery syndrome

Colonoscopy showing moving worms that live in your body


Detoxify your body with a parasite and worm cleanse


Rid your body of parasites

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